Jan. 9th, 2017

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Nominations are open until January 16th/17th!

Five fandoms, with up to five pairings in each.

Please don't nominate threesomes/moresomes as that can lead to situations of M/M or F/F and while I personally love both of them, that's not what this exchange is about.

For crossover pairings, please nominate them under "Crossover Fandom" and disambiguate the characters.

Also, any gen pairings (using an "&" designator versus a "/" designator) will be rejected.
fangirlism: (Luomiskyky - Fic)
[personal profile] fangirlism
  •  Minimum word count is 500. No maximum.
  • Requests and offers will contain a minimum of 3 fandoms and a maximum of 6, with 1 to 3 relationships in each fandom
  • Pairings including genderswapped characters are not allowed, unless the genderswap occured in canon.
  • Crossover ships are totally allowed. They will be nominated, requested, and offered under "Crossover Fandom"
  • Original fiction is also totally allowed.
  • Romantic ships only (so no & ships, only / ships) The pairing doesn't have to stay together endgame, but does have to be together at some point in the story.
  • Incest ships allowed


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