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Nominations are open until January 16th/17th!

Five fandoms, with up to five pairings in each.

Please don't nominate threesomes/moresomes as that can lead to situations of M/M or F/F and while I personally love both of them, that's not what this exchange is about.

For crossover pairings, please nominate them under "Crossover Fandom" and disambiguate the characters.

Also, any gen pairings (using an "&" designator versus a "/" designator) will be rejected.
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Looking around the exchange scene I discovered (well, through a casual Google search) that there wasn't one for het pairings. So I decided to change that! And Het Swap was born!

Schedule currently looks like:

Jan 10-17: Nominations
Jan 19-26: Signups
Around Jan 29: Assignments go out
Feb 28: Assignments due
Mar 7: Go Live
Mar 14: Author Reveal

(Also for the purposes of the exchange: I will be defining a het pairing as one where one partner is male or genderqueer/non-binary and the other is female or genderqueer/non-binary, but both cannot be genderqueer/non-binary. So for example: if A is male, B is female, and C and D are both genderqueer/non-binary, then the only pairing not allowed is C/D)

Full rules post coming soon, and see you in a few days for noms!


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