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 So most of the issues are duplicate/migrating tags and thanks to my tagset helper we've got that mostly figured out. I do just have some questions about a few of the tags under Original Work:

Private Detective/Witch
Secretary/Dance Instructor
softball catcher/hockey goalie

None of these have genders specified. Did the nominators have genders listed, or would it be okay if I had either option available (like having separate tags for Male Barista/Female Vampire and Female Barista/Male Vampire for example)
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 I've closed off the tagset for nominations. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be for fixing duplicates/migrated tags/etc. and signups open on Thursday.

And yes, I have heard everyone's requests and will be adjusting the number of fandoms/relationships everyone can request and offer. I'll let you know what the new numbers are when signups open.
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 I'm about to close noms in about two hours, so get those last minute nominations in!

Tomorrow I'll go through and fix all the error/dupes/migrant tags.
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Hi all! Sorry for somewhat radio silence, been busy.

I have just about all the noms up to this point approved (thanks to adding on a second tag moderator since I got a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for the enthusiasm though!), but just have a few queries about some of the noms:
  • The Sandman (Comics): Someone nominated Destruction of the Endless/Ishtar and AO3 is suggesting a switch to Beili/Destruction of the Endless which is the canonical. Is this a safe swap to do or are Beili and Ishtar two separate characters?
  • Two queries in Misfits (TV 2009)
    • Alisha Daniels/Superhoodie: Who is Superhoodie, I couldn't locate this person when researching the show.
    • Simon Bellamy/Curtis Donovan as Melissa: I did research and know that Curtis Donovan and Melissa are the same person (canon genderswap, which is allowed). However, would Simon Bellamy/Melissa be a better tag to use?
  • The Flash (TV 2014): Both Caitlin Snow/Eddie Thawne and Killer Frost/Eddie Thawn were nominated. Research says Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost are the same person? Any reason why they should be split?
  • Bates Motel (2013): Pairings nominated were Caleb Calhoun/Marion Crane, Norma Bates/Alex Romero, Norma Bates/Caleb Calhoun, Norma Bates/Norman Bates, and Norman Bates/Cody Brennan. However, all of these characters appear in the Bates Motel TV show, but not the 2013 movie. Would changing the fandom to the TV show work?
  • The Hobbit - All Media Types: Pairings nominated wre Bard the Bowman/Dís, Bofur (Tolkien)/Tilda (Hobbit Movies), Dís/Thranduil (Tolkien), Éowyn/Frerin (Tolkien), and Kíli (Tolkien)/Tauriel (Hobbit Movies). Did the nominator want the book or the movies?
I think we're at a point where these (and anything added since I post this) would be all left to approve!
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Nominations are open until January 16th/17th!

Five fandoms, with up to five pairings in each.

Please don't nominate threesomes/moresomes as that can lead to situations of M/M or F/F and while I personally love both of them, that's not what this exchange is about.

For crossover pairings, please nominate them under "Crossover Fandom" and disambiguate the characters.

Also, any gen pairings (using an "&" designator versus a "/" designator) will be rejected.
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